Blinkies and Banners

Looking for customized blinkies and banners?

$5.00 1 Fan Blinkie (150 x 50) or 1 CT Blinkie (150 x 50)

$8.00 Store Banner (468 x 60)

$10.00 1 Fan Blinkie (150 x 50) and Store Banner (468 x 60)

$15.00 Fan Blinkie (150 x 50), Store Banner, CT Blinkie (150 x 50)

Please add $2.00 for each variation of the Store Banner (for instance if you need one banner for store 1 with the store name and a second banner for store 2 with the store name)

You must provide me with your own creations or creations that you have been given permission to use. If you need me to create something for your blinkie set, please add $10 total (not for each individual piece – additional orders at later dates will not need this if using the same materials).

Please contact me for availability:

Some Examples of my work:



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